As usual: Hello World, now 2.0 (or even 4.0a)

by dropstring

Well, nice enough. It still screams “WordPress template” everytime I cast my eyes on the screen, but it should suffice until I will have ventured past my own inertia and set up a server myself. Anyway: anyone who sees this is welcome, but right now there’s nothing to see. Hurry along, but return in some time (please! give me some days, or at least hours – not these hectic zepto-nanoseconds that count down the life span of your average web content, and the attention span of most readers). When I made my mind up what to post first, and last, and at least some of the stuff in between, I’ll give my ten-penny-thoughts in all the online, blog-published un-glory. See you later, maybe.


PS: Just for the people who care to read postscripts, maybe a vague hint: expect some thinking about pop culture in general (spooks my head and has to be exorcised), some reviewing of old and new – well – “stuff” and maybe some more leftovers from yesterdays’ diner of brains.